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Back to Basics Ethical Shop was born with love for our community, our surroundings and our Earth. The 'CIC' stands for Community Interest Company which means that we are set up for the benefit of the community. The way we plan to benefit the community is by; tackling social isolation, supporting local businesses and farmers and by donating all profits to charity.

* Social Isolation - We will "hire VIP Volunteers", exclusively from Senior Citizen / Elderly residential care homes, those studying at Specialist Colleges and also those who have a disability which does not restrict them from trying to achieve anything they wish to.

* Supporting Local Businesses and Farmers - Alongside other organic and natural products we will source, we will also be sourcing from local farmers and small, family ran businesses around the UK to widen the opportunities for them.

* Donating all profits to charity - After all staff and bills gets paid, EVERY penny will be donated to Back to Basics CIO charity, who are currently raising funds to create an organic community farm which is open to every member of society.

So what is so 'Ethical' about Back to Basics Ethical Shop?

Ethical to us means:

* Sustainably grown produce and products,

* Natural / Chemical Free products which are not harmful to ourselves, our skin and our unborn,

* Biodegrable products - so as to not keep contributing towards landfills,

* Organically grown fresh produce

* Products made with Love

* Carefully sourced local products

* Less / no waste, where reasonably possible

* Upcycled furnishings and items

* Supporting Local small/family ran businesses with great ideas and items

Our shop was born on November 2018, located in the pleasant close knit community bordering Wylde Green and Boldmere in Sutton Coldfield. Since November, we met some FANTASTIC people; our neighbours, like-minded from the surrounding areas and some great companies who have all been willing to contribute some of their precious time, skills and material to make us really come alive!

Starting from an empty shell, we were kindly donated some wood and unwanted desks and cabinets which our oh-so-talented Handy Andy managed to turn into the amazing counter which we have today! Follow our progress on Facebook - www.facebook.com/ethicalshop or check out our gallery for more updates!

We stock fresh, locally farmed and sustainably grown produce which is seasonal. Please note this cannot be ordered online, but you are welcome to come and pick your own at our shop! Some organically grown, some certified organic and some grown naturally, using permaculture or sustainable methods, which are not harmful to our Earth or us!

We are in search of some VERY Important People to join our team. Those who are residents of Senior Citizen / Elderly Care Homes who have wonderful stories to share, those who struggle with getting Work Placements from Specialist Colleges and those who are striving and trying really hard in Independent Living

We offer a HUGE variety of additive free alternatives to your everyday sodas, raw pressed fruit juice from locally sourced orchards and farms, Dairy Free Milks on specified days, Reverse Osmosis Water, and much much more...


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All profits donated to Back to Basics CIO - Registered Charity in England and Wales. 1176426