When you are looking for that perfect Fabric Conditioner that does it's job, is affordable, is earth-friendly and smells great but you've been struggling. Well, struggle no more because you've now found SESI Fabric Conditioner! And if you, like we did once upon a time, think it's too good to be true, then priced at 28p per 100g, you can't go wrong to try it out! Fragrance: Fresh Cologne


Priced per 100g so you can order as much or as little as you need in the comfort of your own home (or wherever today takes you!)


Sesi are a workers partnership, social enterprise putting planet before profit - not a 'perfect' eco-marketing narrative but a journey in constant transition


Buy as much as you need and we will weigh it out for you. During these unprecedented times with COVID-19, we are unable to pick up your empty bottles and jars so will be deliverying in double zipped bags which are returnable to be recycled/upcycled/repurposed once this crisis is over. (last updated: 25/03/2020).


Prices are per 100g so if you need 200g, please add 2 to your basket or if you require more, please add as you need.

SESI Fabric Conditioner


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