Ever wondered where your food, creams and more come from? Find out below; where we have a list of our local suppliers, their stories and who they are if you ever wanted to find out more!

We are very lucky to be given the opportunity to support local farmers whilst they continue to spread their talents and continue to grow our favourite foods, with love for us to all enjoy!

When you support us, remember you are supporting our local and wider community too! 

Goscote Greenacres Community, Walsall

We support the extremely skilled gardeners and volunteers who make up Goscote Greenacres Community Gardens who do the best job of growing a large variety of fruits at their allotments as well as a fresh variety of fruits at their orchards!

Being within 10 miles from the Ethical Shop, a variety of great fruit and vegetables are grown organically with love to be stocked here! The distance keeps the carbon footprint low and it's also great to know exactly who helped out with the sowing, nurturing and harvesting! You can taste the love!

Manager: Paul Mason

Dream Thyme Herbal, Devon

A fantastic mother who had the desire to create natural products to nurture her not-so-baby baby girl! All products being hand made in Devon with love, no palm oil and nasty-free.

Herbal skincare and remedies made in a lovely seaside village from foraged local herbs which are carefully hand picked. Support a local family as they support your natural healthcare! 

Tania Bryson

The Orgasmic Jam Company, Bristol

A twist of fate and a blessing in disguise created The Orgasmic Jam Company, and their products are EXACTLY that - ORGASMIC! But don't take our word for it - Follow us on Facebook and look out for them at our try-it-tuesday taster days! 

Bristol born Lottie and Sue, a mother and daughter duo, grew up around the British farming industry running a farm shop and cafe, in which all products were locally sourced or made on site. After running successfully for more than 40 years, the family farm was not due to last as current consumer inflation kicked in. This is the birth of The Orgasmic Jam Company.

Zoe Bee Beauty,

A lovely mother of 2 located in Canterbury makes beautifully whipped creams suitable for all skin types and packed with knowledge of all skin conditions - a great person to speak to for advice on skin conditions!

Zoe makes her products to order so every batch you get is always hand made with love, using the best sourced ingredients to cater to your skin! With products being all vegan-friendly and jars made from glass, you can guarantee your creams and eyelash serum are not contaminated by micro-beading!

Thcrapeutic CBD

A passionate team of hemp products, meet Thcrapeutic! 100% UK Legal items from hemp teas to hemp creams to drinks to snacks to raw products. A fantastic use of the multi-purpose plant!

Keeping all processes in house, Thcrapeutic knows what they're talking about when it comes down to the benefits of hemp. Prior to launch, over £100,000 were invested into research and development and continue to refine their process to bring the best hemp and CBD products to the table!

Ahimsa Soy Candles,

A wonderful couple based in Newport, UK who makes absolutely divine Vegan friendly soy wax candles. From spicing the oranges in-house to applying the wick, they are a lovely small business!

When it comes to packaging, every decision was made with earth-conscious thoughts. From the paper labels to the return-able tins, Ahimsa have thought of it all! Scent your homes with these beautiful hand-created Soy Wax Candles using natural methods for that house-warming glow.

SSHVUG, London

A kind-hearted mother who struggled with a full time job after her son was diagnosed with Autism, took time out of work to get to understand her son's needs better. She turned to a soap-making course to work from home.

A mother's love is incomparable. Using the skills and passion learned to make handmade soaps, SSHVUG invested her time into creating products gentle enough for her family to use whilst nurturing the needs for her special son. Support her journey today by supporting her Soap-making company!

The Mandarin Tree,

Formed by a synergetic duo who are two beautiful holistic therapists based at Bourneville Therapy Centre, Birmingham. They couldn't understand how you offer holistic therapy using chemical-laden products, and thus; the birth of The Mandarin Tree!

Helena and Mandy knocked heads and spent years perfecting a formula with the knowledge, skills and expertise they've gained the gathered from their wonderful client base. Years later, they have successfully managed to come up with the perfect range suitable for all skin types!

Bamboo Straw Farm, Vietnam

A socially responsible farm creating employment opportunities to small villages who struggle with financial issues and supporting families are who we directly source our Bamboo Straws from.

A lovely small business who completely aligns with our ethics. Many people buy alternative to plastic straws yet struggle to find plastic alternatives to clean them with. This beautiful farm in Vietnam also has coconut plantations and they provide us with our biodegradable coconut husk scrubbies!

Purple Rice Paddy,

After a long hunt, we finally managed to find a small family farm in Thailand where we source our wild and organic grown unbleached purple rice from! This is one we're crazy proud of!

Purple rice has many benefits, but not as much grown on a permaculture site where these rice cultivating experts use ducks as natural pest control and soil fertiliser! This means no chemicals are used to grow this rice which is packed with natural vitamins and minerals for all of your health needs!

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