With ever-growing opportunities for your common members of society, what happens to those who are a bit more tucked away?

Here at Back to Basics Ethical Shop, there are opportunities for those with Learning Difficulties and Mild-to-Moderate disabilities to come and gain some work experience.

We are proud to welcome residents of Senior Citizen care homes to come and make new friends whilst volunteering their time with us. We are happy to offer volunteering opportunities to residents of Independent Living.

Elderly from Senior Citizen Care Homes

When visitations become infrequent, yet stories are bursting to be told, it doesn't matter who you tell, whether your young or old!

We welcome elderly to come and volunteer their time at the Ethical Shop and become part of a growing team, whilst making new friends who may also become your visitors too! Let's find you another purpose to wake up tomorrow morning!

Students at Specialist Colleges

Equal opportunities should be just that! Let's focus less on your difficulties and more on your capabilities!

Volunteering opportunities available for those who have mild-to-moderate disabilities in trade of a professional reference which could become the start of a new career path for you!

Residents of Independent Living

Independence starts with self accomplishments; self accomplishments starts with opportunities.

Nobody should be within the margins of society; in fact, margins of the society should never exist. We are all one race; the human race, who all strive for the same goals - to love, to laugh and to live.

Learning difficulties

Your flaws should not be the focus of your life. With such differences comes strengths in other departments that people can only dream of having!

Let's celebrate your strengths by doing more practical activities, understanding your needs and seeing how we can utilise what positive attributes you have so that others can start to see them too!


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